UGX 9.3 Billion Allocated for Low-Cost Sealing of Getom-Toroma Road in Katakwi District

In a significant move towards enhancing rural accessibility and supporting economic activities, UGX 9.3 billion has been allocated for the low-cost sealing of Getom-Toroma Road in Katakwi District. The Vice President Jessica Alupo, who doubles as the Woman MP Katakwi District, presided over the commissioning of the road construction works.

In a statement delivered by the Commissioner for Roads and Bridges, Eng. Stepghen Kitonsa on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, it was highlighted that the low-cost sealing technology, piloted at Mt. Elgon Labour Based Training Centre in Mbale and tested in various districts of North and North Eastern Uganda from 2011 to 2016, has proven to be a cost-effective solution for sealing low-volume roads using locally available resources.

The Getom-Toroma Road, spanning 7.0 kilometers, was selected due to its status as a low-volume road facing rural accessibility challenges. The project comes at a strategic time, following the recent rehabilitation of several crucial road links in Katakwi District, including Usuk-Ngongoja, Akureti-Omodo, Oigo-Imumwa, Getom-Abongeti, and Olilim-Guyaguya-Angelepo-Adacar.

Hon. Musa Acweru, the Minister of State for Works expressed gratitude to the government, particularly acknowledging the guidance of H.E. the Vice President in the selection of the project. The Minister also praised the tireless support provided by the government for the development of infrastructure in Katakwi District, emphasizing the importance of visionary leadership.

The appeal was made to the contractor assigned to the project, urging them to adhere to contract designs, specifications, and instructions issued by supervisors. Furthermore, the contractor was encouraged to prioritize local employment opportunities and consider environmental, gender, HIV/AIDS, occupational health and safety, as well as the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly.

In addition to discussing the road project, H.E Jessica Alupo, urged citizens to actively participate in the recently introduced Parish Development Model (PDM). The PDM aims to transform subsistence economy homes into money economy homes, fostering increased interaction between the government and citizens. It is seen as a mechanism to bring public services closer to the people in a more coordinated and effective manner.

The commissioning ceremony concluded with the speakers expressing gratitude to the technical team of the Ministry for their efforts in making the Low-Cost Sealing Technology roll-out a reality. The Minister also thanked the District Leadership and attendees for their presence at the historic function, emphasizing the importance of unity and cooperation in the development of the region.