Intensive Driver Training Commences for Non-Aligned Movement Summit/G77 in Uganda

A crucial driver training program is underway at Heritage Park in Garuga, with 108 drivers from key government institutions, including the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT), Statehouse, Electoral Commission, Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Health forming the first batch. The comprehensive training, organized in preparation for the Non-Aligned Movement Summit/G77 scheduled for January 2024, is a vital step in ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation during the high-profile event.

The Institute of Security and Intelligent Studies (ISIS) at Heritage Park in Garuga is hosting the first batch of drivers, marking the beginning of an eight-batch training initiative that will span two months. The government has allocated vehicles from the official fleet and received additional support in the form of vehicle donations from China.

A primary focus of the training is instilling driver discipline, not only for the duration of the summit but as a continuous practice for all government drivers. The participating drivers will spend four days at Heritage Park, engaging in a two-day theoretical session followed by two days of practical training. This rigorous approach aims to minimize the risk of mishaps when transporting diplomats and dignitaries attending the twin summits.

Course units cover various aspects, including stress management, discipline, cleanliness, and a sense of responsibility. The Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) is coordinating the training efforts to ensure uniformity and effectiveness.

During the practical training the focus on appropriate speeds, convoy driving, defensive driving techniques, and the specific aspects of handling Protocol vehicles donated to the Government of Uganda by China.

During the practical sessions, trainers from the Uganda Police Force (UPF) assessed drivers' skills and acumen. The evaluation process determines the drivers' qualifications to operate VIP vehicles during the summit. Each driver underwent a thorough assessment, ensuring a high standard of competence for the crucial task of transporting dignitaries.

The successful completion of the first batch's training and the individual practical assessments by UPF training officers mark a significant milestone in the preparations for the Non-Aligned Movement Summit/G77. The commitment to excellence in driver training underscores the importance placed on the safety and efficiency of transportation during this high-profile international event.