Kampala Northern Bypass

The objective of the second phase of the project is to improve capacity by upgrading the 17.5km to a dual carriageway standard. This will relieve congestion, reduce travel time and vehicle operating costs as well as protect Kampala's city roads from heavy commercial traffic. The Capacity Improvement of the Northern Bypass project includes the following;
(i). Construction of an additional carriageway, approximately 17.5km long, to complete the dualisation of the Kampala Northern Bypass to a 4-lane dual carriageway road;
(ii). Construction of 3 new footbridges at km 10+380, km 14+020 and km 18+020;
(iii). Construction of 6 new grade separated interchanges at Sentema - km 2+900, Hoima road (km 5+350), Gayaza road (km 8+650), Bukoto - Kyebando road (km 10+750), Ntinda Road (km 13+250) and Naalya (km 16+900).


Project details

Project Details


Contract Title :

Capacity Improvement of the Kampala Northern Bypass

Project Funding:

European Union, European Investment Bank and GoU

Contracting Authority:

The National Authorising Officer for European Development, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.


Ugandan National Roads Authority (UNRA)


Mota Engil Enginharia E Contrucao SA
Plot 4 Upper Kololo Terrace, P. O Box 8453, Kampala

Supervisor’s Representative:

COWI A/S, 2 Parallelvej, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby,  Denmark

Commencement Date:

14 July 2014

Contract Period:

36 Months (exclusive of 12 months Defects Liability Period)

Original Completion Date:

14 July 2017, revised to 31 December 2019

Contact Price:

Euro 67,394566.56 (excluding contingencies &VAT)

Est. Final Contract Price:

Euro 106,480,753 (Dec. 2019) + UGX.83,863,652,923


The overall physical progress compared to the revised scope of works and programme is calculated to be about 62.2% compared to the planned target of 65% at the end of July 2019. Financial progress achieved was at 61.3% against the planned target of 63.8% in the same time frame.


(i)Busega-Sentema-Hoima Sections
• Widening of ramp D for RHS shoulder and footway is completed to AC levels and concrete footpaths also completed;
• AC 20 surfacing to the shoulder from km 3+300 to 4+320 done, and concrete footpaths from km 0+020 to 1+090 also done;
• Tie in of the existing road and Entebbe Express with AC 20 was completed from km 0+660 to 1+080 RHS including overlay of the existing road surface with AC 20;
• Verge between the shoulder and footpaths completed to CRR from 0+020 to 1+090 RHS;
• The single seal applied on the shoulder near median drain of existing road completed from km 1+090 to 2+500;
• Traffic diverted to the LHS carriageway from Sentema to Hoima to enable the works of shoulder and footway on RHS.

(ii) Sentema Interchange Construction
• South approach road RHS completed to CRR level and tied to the roundabout circular lanes waiting priming;
• The roundabout carriageway on eastern side including the circular carriageways completed to DBM level;
• The circular carriageway on the roundabout western side completed to CRR level;
• The median reserve filled with murram and then CRR and completed to Single seal;
• Trimming of the embankment fill slopes on the ramps is in progress and completed on RHS and LHS on Hoima side;
• AC 20 laid on the western/east entire ramps including the bridge deck.
• The water way of the gutter kerbs on the ramps casted with concrete.

(iii) Hoima Road Interchange Construction
• Western and eastern ramps completed to CRR layer and in preparation for priming;
• The central ramps between the bridges completed to G15 level and ready for CRR layer;
• Tie in of the eastern ramp with the existing road completed to CRR level;
• Reinforcement steel bar fixing and concrete casting for the cast in-situ parapet walls completed;
• Reinforcement fixing and concrete casting for the approach slabs completed for four sides and remaining four blinding concrete casted;
• South approach road RHS completed to G15 level and CRR in progress including the LHS lanes, and the precast parapet wall erection is complete and grouted with epoxy.

(iv) Kyebando Interchange Construction
• RE wall backfill to the western side of the IC is in progress but given less priority;
• Slip road L2 except the one at inlet of ML29 completed to CRR levels and primed;
• The northern approach fully completed to CRR level and primed and awaiting DBM and AC surfacing layers;
• ML-29A box culvert 1st phase, and the road works for traffic diversion also completed;
• The service duct at km 11+040 1st phase completed, and the road works for traffic diversion also completed;
• The Kyebando footbridge completed and Contractor requested for handover to the Contracting Authority but pending approval of as-built drawings repair of expansion joints.

(v) Ntinda Interchange Construction
• The G7 fill embankment construction at SRL2 was in progress and stopped at the footing level of the RE wall;
• The gabion wall construction on SRR2 completed and the U-drainage channel constructed on RHS;
• The G7 fill embankment construction on SRR2 started on 8 July 2019 and is in progress with priority;
• The diversion construction completed, and traffic diverted as of 10th June 2019, which allowed commencement of foundation excavation forwall-1 of the IC Bridge on 21 June 2019 but stopped as of 9th July 2019 due to the encountered geotechnical condition different than considered in the design and called for additional investigation.