Rehabilitation of Kyenjojo - Fort Portal Road (50km)

Project Details


Project name and Length

Civil works for the Rehabilitation of Kyenjojo – Fort Portal Road (50km)


M/s China Wu Yi Co. Ltd

Contract sum

UGX 71,435,766,901 (including VAT)

Funder (s)


Districts traversed by project

Fort Portal and Kyenjojo

Commencement date

29th June 2016

Completion date

Original: 28th December 2017

Revised: 31st August 2019

Supervision Consultant

M/s. MBW Consulting Ltd 29th June 2016 to 31st January 2018; then UNRA Team from 1st February to project end

Supervision commencement date

5th April,2016

Contract Price

48,412,573,498 (including cash)

Commencement date

24th May 2019

Completion date

23rd February 2020


Project details

The Government of Uganda, through Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) procured a Contractor, MIS China Wu Yi Co. Ltd Uganda, to undertake Civil Works for Rehabilitation of Kyenjojo - Fort Portal (50km) road. A Works Contract was awarded on 2nd December 2015, signed on 30th December 2015 and commenced on 29th June 2016 with the original completion of 28th December 2017. Amendments were proposed to the contract and, in the circumstances, extensions of time were inevitable due to time for effecting the change order (and other contractual challenges).

The Amendments to the works contract were due to, change in the ridding surface from DBST to AC20, substantial increases in relocations and earthworks and provision for rock fill (particularly under swamp culverts and in widened swamp areas) which could not be accommodated by site instructions. There was substantial increase in cost of about 60%. The length for the AC was therefore limited to 10km. Another procurement for completion of the road with the desired surfacing of AC was initiated to cover the section from km 10 up to km 50.

The Rehabilitation works for Kyenjojo - Fort Portal road (50km) are implemented under two separate Contracts by one Contractor that one for the Road Rehabilitation where by the section to be surfaced is 10k and the second of Supply and lay AC and Tack coat which covers the rest of the length.

The changes above led to extensions of time up to 31 August 2019 for the road rehabilitation contract but the Supply and lay AC and Tack coat contract ends on 23rd February 2020

Both of these contracts are under one Construction Supervision Team. This brief, therefore covers works under the rehabilitation contract and the Supply and lay AC and Tack coat ends contract.

The Supervision of the Works was initially done by a Consultant, Ms MBW Consulting Ltd/infrastructure Projects Ltd JV. The consultancy contract ended on 31 January 2018. Since pt February 2018, the supervision of works is done by the UNRA Construction Supervision Team (CST)



The aggregated (for both contracts) physical progress is 96% against the planned 98.5%. The contract time elapsed is 1156 days which is 99.3% of the time for the rehabilitation contract but only 91days which are 33% of the time for the supply and lay of tack coat and AC contract.

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