Registration of a vessel to the Maritime Administration in accordance with the Inland Water Transport Act 2021

In accordance with The Inland Water Transport Act, 2021; A person who intends to employ a vessel in navigation of inland waterways or fly a Ugandan flag shall register the vessel with the Maritime Administration.

Application for registration

The application for registration of a vessel shall be accompanied by the following information:

  1. A construction certificate of a vessel to be registered;
  2. The instruments of transfer of a vessel, where the applicant is not the first owner;
  3. Three proposed names of the vessel;
  4. The name of the owner and master of the vessel;
  5. Number of shares per owner;
  6. A description of vessel in terms of material used for construction;
  7. The intended purpose of the vessel;
  8. The tonnage of a vessel or passenger capacity;
  9. The size and length of the keel;
  10. The number of applicable life-saving appliances;
  11. The number of crew to work on a vessel;
  12. Proof of payment of prescribed registration fees; and
  13. Any other relevant information as may be prescribed by the Minister, by regulations.



The Maritime Administration shall, on receipt of the application, after inspecting the vessel and being satisfied with the information provided, register the vessel in the register of vessels.


Certificate of registration

The Maritime Administration shall, upon registration of a vessel , issue a certificate of registration.


Download: Application for Registration of Vessels Under Inland Water Transport Act, 2021