• Ministry of Works and Transport Plot 2/4 Airport Road,
    Adjacent to Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC)
  • P. O. Box 10 Entebbe, UGANDA
  • Phone: +256-414-352-199 OR +256-312-352-199
  • Mobile: +256-779-257-169


To investigate aviation occurrences (incidents and accidents) to identify deficiencies in the aviation system and make recommendations as necessary so that those identified deficiencies do not lead to future occurrences. The AAIIU does not assign faults, or civil, or criminal liabilities. Instead, the aim is to understand the aspect of aviation system that might have led to the decisions made on the day of the occurrence.

The AAIIU was created and became the official independent Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Unit for Uganda on 18th April 2019 to comply with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO) of which Uganda is a signatory, having ratified the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on 10/04/1967

The AAII Unit works cooperatively with the Government, Aviation entities, airlines, operators, regulators and related service providers to ensure safe air transport to the travelling public and industry.

If things go wrong, the AAIIU steps to see if changes need to be made to the overall civil aviation system safety. Often things go wrong because we are all human and prone to errors, we all know that people have limitation generally, and avoid things that intend to harm themselves, or others, nevertheless mistakes do happen.

The AAIIU is responsible for the investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents as well as the publication of reports. AAIIU also does research on global aviation safety systems and developments.