FAQs on the movement of vehicles during the Covid-19 Lockdown Period

  • How do we apply for travel Permits?


Entities can apply for permits by sending an email to Ministry of Works and Transport at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The entity should attach a scanned copy of its headed paper with full address (Contacts and physical address).

The Ministry will then send login credentials to successful applicants to login and enter the essential workers details on an online form.

The Ministry shall approve or reject the application and entity shall download the clearance from the website https://clearance.works.go.ug


  • Do I need a Travel Permit to travel to the Airport on the date of my flight?

Travel to the airport on the date of travel is allowed as long as you have the Airline Ticket and passport to be used as evidence of travel.

NB. The ticket is only valid on the actual date of travel.

  • Can I get a travel permit if I am not in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area?


The travel Permits that are being issued by the Ministry only apply in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area. The District Taskforces are responsible for travel within the Districts through the RDCs and RCCS.


  • Does the travel permit allow me to travel across Districts?


The travel permits do not allow one to travel across Districts. For inter-district travel one can write directly to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works and Transport stating the reason for need to travel, the vehicle registration numbers, the persons to travel and duration needed.

  • Can an individual essential worker apply for a travel permit?


In reference to the President’s directive of 10% staff, we therefore greatly encourage entities to apply on behalf of their staff.

Individual applications from companies will not be worked upon.

  • Can the permits be used on Boda Bodas?


The President’s directive clearly stated that Boda Bodas are only allowed to carry cargo and not passengers.  Also note, that the guidelines issued are meant to as much as possible discourage contact between person to person.


  • What about in cases of emergency?


Emergencies situations can apply through the online system for special permission from the Ministry.

In cases of emergencies that require immediate, E.g pregnant women and people with chronic illness, such people are advised to move with their original documents and a recommendation from the LC1 Chairman. The District Health Officer or the RDC/RCC.

A person may also approach the nearest referral medical personnel to obtain permission to travel in case of a medical emergency.


  • How does one verify the authenticity of the permit issued?


Verification can be done via SMS; Send an SMS of the vehicle registration number (UAB777S) to 6120 at zero cost.

The SMS request shall return the vehicle details, its validity and entity.