Southern Bypass Overview

A new highway is being planned to run from Jinja through Kampala to Entebbe

Kampala- Entebbe High way

China Communication Construction Company Limited Starts Construction on Kampala-Entebbe Express Highway

Entebbe International Airport

Civil Aviation Authority with the supervision of Ministry of Works and Transport Manages Entebbe International Airport

Inland Water Transport

Transport to Kalangala Islands eases after new ferry is delivered

  • UNRA
  • CAA
  • URF
  • URC
  • Others
  • The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) was established by an Act of Parliament; The Uganda National Authority Act, No. 15 of 2006. UNRA became operational on 1st July 2008.The mandate of UNRA is to develop and maintain the national roads network, advise Government on general roads policy and contribute to addressing of transport concerns, among others. Read More>>

  • CAA was formed to revamp, direct and regulate the dilapidated air transport industry. Air transport in Uganda had witnessed unprecedented decline due to a number of factors. The collapse of the vital industry led to the fall in import/export volumes, isolation of the country by especially international tourists and a general drop in the national economy, partially attributed to poor and inefficient transport links with the outside world. Read More>>

  • Uganda Road Fund (URF) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 to operate as a 2G (Second Generation) Fund with the objective of financing routine and periodic maintenance of public roads in Uganda from mainly reserved road user charges. The Fund has a duty to finance the implementation of the Annual Road Maintenance Programmes (ARMP) that are carried out by UNRA, KCCA and the other agencies.  Read More>>

  • The Uganda Railway, also known as the Lunatic Express, was built by the British colonialists under the foreign office. Works on the line started at Mombasa port in the Kenya colony in 1896 and reached Kisumu, on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria, in 1901. In 1931, the line reached Kampala. Although most of the line was in present day Kenya, the original purpose of the project was to provide a modern link to transport raw materials out of, and manufactured British goods into, the Uganda Protectorate.  Read More>>

  • There are a number of Government Agencies whose performance impacts directly or indirectly the performance of Ministry of Works and Transport. Read More>>

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